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Sunday, June 15, 2014

How to safely uninstall linux from dual boot windows 7

If you have dual boot OS installed on your system and want to uninstall linux safely from it then here are the easy instructions :

By default GRUB is the boot-loader when you install dual boot OS i.e linux and windows that means without modifying MBR you cannot simply uninstall linux!

Important Note : Please backup your stuff from linux before moving ahead with the steps!

1. Download EasyBCD tool in windows 7 from below link.


2. Install EasyBCD and run it as Administrator

3. Go to the option - BCD Deployment ( see highlighted section in below screenshot )

4. Select "Install the Windows Vista/7 bootloader to the MBR" option (highlighted in yellow colour in above screenshot)

5. Click on Write MBR button - This will remove GRUB and install windows 7 boot loader.

6.  Now click on Edit Boot Menu option (Highlighted in red circle in below screenshot)

7. Select Windows 7 ( Red underline in below screenshot )

8. Click on "Skip boot menu" radio button ( highlighted in yellow color in below screenshot )

9. Finally click on "Save Settings" option

10. Congratulations!! You have successfully modified default boot loader from GRUB to windows 7 :)

 11. Now if you want, you can gain your linux disk back to windows by deleting linux partition from windows disk management tool.